Medic Preparation Series  
Cardiovascular Anatomy & Physiology Course
iTHINK is proud to present the first course of our Medic Preparation Series - Cardiovascular Anatomy & Physiology. It is designed to offer students a glimpse of the world of medical school, learning about various aspects of science and medicine. iTHINK’s instructor has handpicked a topic in Cardiovascular A&P, and designed a course around it, to demonstrate the holistic and effective learning approach which focuses on understanding and application. It provides a springboard for those who are looking to prepare for a medical school application and interview.
Designed by our expert Science instructor, the Cardiovascular A&P course introduces the fundamental anatomy and physiology of the human heart as well as provide practical tips on how to identify the anatomical landmarks. Upon understanding the physiology of the heart, the course will explain how the body controls heart rate and how the features of the ECG correlates to the cardiac cycle. Towards the end, a chosen cardiovascular disease (hypertension) and its pharmacotherapy will be discussed.
With this compact course, students are able to apply their anatomy and physiology information much earlier. This builds a backbone on the topic and allows students to better connect the highly detailed information they learn in medical schools.
Why take this course?
Introduction of clinical decision making process and terminology which improves students’ understanding of the medical profession
Teaching methodology and materials mimic teaching in medical schools. It is a great opportunity for students to be inspired to pursue a career in medical related profession
A basic but structured understanding of the human heart and the different factors that affect it
The relationship between physiology and pharmacotherapy
This course is ideal for:
Grade 10-12 / Year 11-13 students interested in studying medical related subjects in University (Medicine, Pharmacy)
Students studying Sciences (i.e. Biology, Chemistry)
Course outline:
Day 1:
Fundamental anatomy of the heart and the Cardiac Cycle
Physiological Control of heart rate and principles of ECG
Day 2:
Reflective Quiz 1 and introduction to hypertension
Pharmacotherapy of hypertension and Reflective Quiz 2
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