There is a considerable number of International Schools in Hong Kong. It can be a time consuming and difficult process to choose the suitable school for your child. Year 1 and Year 7 are the major entry points with the greatest number of intakes for most international schools. Schools also have intakes across other years, but the numbers are generally smaller and dependent on turnovers of current students. Prospective students are invited to attend assessments and interviews in schools and parents may also be invited to attend meetings with school representatives before offers are made.
What are the key selection criteria for International Schools in Hong Kong?
The key selection criteria for International Schools is three fold:
English fluency, which includes verbal communication, reading comprehension and writing ability, depending on the year group of application.
Academic achievements with Maths and other subjects forming other parts of the assessments.
Personal characteristics of students as demonstrated during interviews.
Secondary school level (Year 7-12 entry)
Students are required to sit in-house individual subject assessments and entrance exams papers.
Primary school level (Year 1-6 entry)
Students are required to sit English, Maths (and Chinese for some schools) written assessments.
How can iTHINK help your child to get into a target international school?
iTHINK has an experienced team of specialist tutors which, over the years, has helped some of the brightest students to get into their desired international schools. We strive to help our students to develop into critical thinkers. Tutors help to improve English fluency of students as well as develop customised academic plans for them. Interview preparation sessions assist students to become better prepared mentally for the interview situations ahead.

Here are some of the international schools in Hong Kong which iTHINK has helped our students to get into.
German Swiss
Harrow, Hong Kong
Speak to one of our consultants to learn more about different International Schools in Hong Kong and how iTHINK can help your child to get into your target International School.
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