Our new Pre IGCSE Science course prepare Year 8 and 9 students for the start of their IGCSE curriculum. Designed by experienced Science tutors who also teach IGCSE and IB Diploma students, the course introduces Science by the segragation into its 3 component subjects – Physics, Chemistry and Biology. It bridges the gap between learning as an integrated science subject and the three separate components. Throughout the course students will be able to acquire new scientific knowledge and enhance their logical and critical thinking processes. The course aims to act as a springboard for students who are interested in Science and it helps them to pave way for success in their future IGCSE exams.
Suitable for students in Grade 7-8 or Year 8-9
Essential foundation knowledge for success in IGCSE Curriculum
Creative and critical thinking development
Individualized feedback and supervision by highly competent instructors
Small class size not exceeding 4 students
Pre IGCSE Physics
Students will learn about mechanics, the study of motion. This is typically the first topic students will learn in the formal IGCSE, and it is arguably the most important topic. All subsequent topics stem from mechanics. We will provide students with the best stepping stone to tackle IGCSE physics.
Pre IGCSE Chemistry
Student will learn about the nature of particles and the 4 major chemical bonds. Students will be made curious when they learn that a material will change into something completely different during a chemical reaction.
Pre IGCSE Biology
Student will learn about cells functions, characteristics of life, evolution and classification of organisms. Many children are interested in dinosaurs, we will use that as a pivot to lead them into biology. We will focus on topics that will be in their formal IGCSE so that everything they learn will be applicable in their final IGCSE exam.
Pre IGCSE Science Course Schedule
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Early Bird Discount – Sign up before 12 AUGUST 2019 and enjoy 5% discount.
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For enrolment of 2 courses, you will enjoy 10% off the second course.
For enrolment of 3 or more courses, you will enjoy 10% off the second course and 15% off the third course and beyond.
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